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Shunter Driver

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  • Salary: £10 - £15 per hour
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  • Job ID: 03370
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Required Skills:

Job Description

The main purpose of the forklift team is to support the production and transport teams, allowing them to ensure that they provide our paying customers with orders on time and in full – so the forklift team must treat these teams as their customers, and offer them excellent service.

  • Goods In:
  • To ensure that incoming goods are received, basic checks carried out, relevant supervisors informed for detailed inspection, and put away correctly and quickly.
  • Production Supply
  • To ensure that production have all the materials they need at all times, so that production efficiencies are kept as high as possible.
  • Product Marshalling:
  • To marshal goods from the production sections ready for loading onto the lorries.
  • Goods Out:
  • To Shunt and load BMDS vehicles, load external haulier vehicles and oversea containers and vehicles in a safe and timely manner, with the correct goods planned for delivery, aiming to minimise transit damage.
  • Housekeeping, Recycling and waste:
  • To store and control all waste and recycling on site, and to maintain the site in a neat, tidy and safe manner.
  • Site safety:
  • To ensure that congestion on site is minimised by controlling vehicle flow.
  • To ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained around all vehicles at all times.
  • To ensure that appropriate pauses in loading activity are maintained during peak traffic times.
  • To maintain high standards of all aspects of forklift usage, including safe usage, training, and maintenance.


Goods in:

  • Receive arriving delivery vehicles, direct them to their unloading destination if necessary.
  • Carry out basic inspections to incoming goods, label them if required, and deliver and store them at their final storage location.
  • Handle and report non-conforming material correctly.
  • Respond appropriately to potentially dangerous situations such as unsafe arriving loads, or chemical leaks.
  • Complete relevant inspection paperwork, file it correctly, and book goods in to AX in a timely manner.

Production Supply:

  • To supply production with materials from storage locations (from other buildings and yards, or from racking within the section).
  • To respond to urgent requests when usage is more than expected.
  • To report urgent requests to your supervisors so that routine replenishments can be checked.
  • To assist production with machine loading and tool changing when requested.
  • To transfer pallets (full and empty) and packaging to and from production sections as required.


  • Marshall all outgoing products to appropriate places, and complete marshalling paperwork correctly.
  • Flag potential problems at the earliest opportunity to production supervisors/transport supervisor.
  • Report goods which are not ready, not labelled, or incorrect for any reason.
  • Carry out daily yard checks for undelivered goods, and report any immediately.

Goods out:

  • Move and Load delivery vehicles, completing paperwork for each vehicle.
  • Carry out basic checks on all goods during loading, checking for damage, or obvious quantity errors.
  • Ensure that vehicles are not overloaded, or that axles are not overloaded, and report potential overloading problems.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is completed and filed correctly.
  • Report goods which are not available for loading at the earliest opportunity.

Housekeeping, recycling and waste:

  • To remove waste materials from production sections and store in the correct skips around site.
  • To monitor waste in skips to ensure that wastes are not incorrectly mixed.
  • To provide production sections with empty recycling stillages and bins as required.
  • To ensure that all environmental paperwork (waste transfer note) is correctly signed.
  • Work with production teams to improve material storage, labelling and movement.

Site safety and Forklifts:

  • Maintain high standards of tidiness around site, picking up litter whenever you see it.
  • Identify anything that has been “dumped” around site and report it to your supervisor.
  • Especially check areas which might be seen by visitors, so that first impressions of the site are always good.
  • Ensure that all forklifts are kept in good condition at all times, arranging for repairs to be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that forklifts are maintained appropriately, including all statutory checks.
  • Carry out daily pre-use checks, and record them.
  • Ensure that documentation and procedures regarding forklifts is up to date.
  • To report any forklift incidents immediately to your supervisor (including damage to goods, buildings, other vehicles, or to the forklifts)

Any other general tasks as requested by the supervisor/Head of Department


Hours are Monday to Friday 10am till 7pm


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